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DPI NGO Winter-Spring 2018 Calendar

 DPI NGO Thursday Briefings and Events Calendar: Winter-Spring 2018*

18 January

NGO Thursday Briefing - One-on-One

One on One with the Assistant Secretary-General, Victims’ Rights Advocate, Jane Connors


5 April

NGO Thursday Briefing

The Value of Peacekeeping: Stories from the Field

25 January

NGO Thursday Briefing

Diversity and Lessons to be Learned for Human Understanding​ 
Organized in observance of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust (27 January)


12 April

Orientation Programme for DPI NGO Youth Representatives


29 January

NGO Youth Voice 

The Role of Youth in Building Sustainable and Resilient Urban and Rural Communities​Organized as a side event to the ECOSOC Youth Forum


19 April

NGO Thursday Briefing

Migration's Contributions to Prosperity, Development and International Unity 

30 January

NGO Youth Voice

Leaving No One Behind: A Lens on Practices that Strengthen Inclusivity in Poverty Alleviation​
Organized as a side event to the Commission for Social Development


3 May

NGO Thursday Briefing

Celebrating World Press Freedom Day​
Organized in partnership with UNESCO in observance of World Press Freedom Day

15 February

NGO Thursday Briefing - Townhall

UN DPI NGO Conference: Looking Back, Looking Forward


10 May

NGO Thursday Briefing

Paving the Way to Road Safety

23 March

NGO Thursday Briefing

Community Media Broadcasters: Building Capacities for Amplifying Voices of Rural Women 


31 May

NGO Thursday Briefing - Focus on Faith Series

Challenges to Freedom of Religion and Belief

29 March

NGO Thursday Briefing

Remember Slavery: Triumphs and Struggles for Freedom and Equality
Organized in observance of the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (25 March)


14 June

NGO Thursday Briefing - Wrap Up

End of Season

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*Please note that the Calendar is subject to change