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The 68th UN Civil Society Conference - Call for Exhibits Proposals - New Deadline 1 July 2019

Call for Exhibits Proposals_UNCSC2019_New Deadline 1 July 2019

The Exhibits Sub-Committee for the 68th UN Civil Society Conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, from 26 to 28 August 2019 now welcomes proposals for Exhibits from Civil Society, UN Agencies, private sector, national and local authorities.

Conference Title: “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities.”
All Exhibits must relate to the overall theme of the Conference.

The Exhibits area should provide an opportunity for Civil Society and other stakeholders to be creative, informative and possibly inter-active as they share their concepts for sustainable action solutions on the topics related to SDG11 and the connection with the other 16 SDGs to support the success of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to “Leave No One Behind.”

Suggested topics can include, but not be limited to safe secure cities, sustainable communities and resilient infrastructure, inclusive and affordable housing, addressing inequality, upgrading slum dwellings, sanitation and waste management, circular economy, food security, population dynamics, urban design and planning, all levels of education, people with disabilities, health and well-being, climate justice and action, environmental sustainability, green public recreational spaces, safe clean energy and water, impact on coastal cities of rising sea levels, indigenous people and traditions, grassroots communities, tourism, preserving historic and cultural heritage sites, transportation, partnerships with all stakeholders, private sector, business and industry, financing for development and housing, entrepreneurship opportunities, economic growth and employment, vocational training, gender balance, youth leadership, aging population, inter-generational empowerment, arts and entertainment, sports, emerging innovative technologies for smart cities, media and communication methods, governance, community leadership, national and local authorities, diversity, migration, conflict and fragility solutions, faith based groups, achieving a sustainable culture of peace with respect and human rights for all.

The Conference Concept Note provides an overview and it is strongly recommended that you read it.

Please send us the title of your exhibit with a detailed description of your proposed exhibit, which should reflect your work and the concepts of the conference that are related to the topics listed above. If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified by the Exhibits Sub-committee and they will send you additional information and the necessary details to be assigned a space for your Exhibit with info regarding delivery and set up.

* Preference in selecting Exhibits will be given to Civil Society associated with UN Department of Global Communications (DGC), but all are welcome to submit their proposals. 

Exhibitors must have one lead sponsor listed with each Exhibit submission. There can as many as 5 (or more) additional Co-sponsors for each exhibit that are not listed with the Exhibit submission, but can be listed on printed materials for each Exhibit. Civil society and NGOs can be “Co-sponsors” for several exhibits with other stakeholders.

COST: Basic set-up for an Exhibit is available for $140 (View basic Set-up).  Additional services are available for an extra daily rate (Please see the catalogue of available services here). 

Sales: Exhibitors who wish to sell items as part of their exhibit, must indicate so on the Exhibits application form. Sellers are advised to review the Utah Sales and Use Tax Information available on the state website.

The deadline to submit completed Exhibit proposal is 1 July 2019 at 11 p.m. (EST). Be sure to fill in the required questions on the entire form otherwise, your Exhibit will be disqualified. The proposals should be submitted online only through this format and it should be in English.

For questions, please contact the Exhibits Sub-committee at

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