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Greetings to Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) from all over the world, whatever your affiliation. NGO Relations facilitates the exchange of information and develops partnerships with civil society to enhance their interaction with and understanding of the work of the UN. Whether you are here just to look around, planning to become a member of the NGO community at the United Nations, or searching for the latest information on NGO Briefings, welcome! Learn more...


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Every year, we evaluate DPI-associated NGOs to determine if they have fulfilled their association responsibilities and to update our records. The Annual Review form – allows each NGO to (re)designate up to six representatives, and to report on their most recent activities and public information programmes. We use this to update our database of all DPI-associated NGOs – a great resource for connecting those that share a common purpose. Learn more...

Resource Centre

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The DPI/NGO Resource Centre serves as a repository of information about UN events, activities and campaigns available to both DPI and ECOSOC associated NGOs. The Centre also serves as a place where NGO representatives can hold meetings or network. Visit the Resource Center, which is located at the UNITAR Building at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, 801 First Avenue, UNITAR Building, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10017, USA. Learn more...

NGO Briefings

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The NGO Relations & Advocacy Section of the UN DPI holds Briefings on a regular basis on topics on the UN’s agenda that are of interest or relevant to the work of civil society organizations. The NGO Briefings assist NGOs with their advocacy efforts on behalf of the UN and offer a unique opportunity to interact and network with representatives of civil society, academia, business communities, and Member States working on similar issues. Learn more...

Annual Review

Orientation for Newly Associated NGOs

NGOs associated with the UN DPI are expected to maintain an active relationship with the Department and must submit a report known as the Annual Review to the NGO Relations & Advocacy Section in DPI with information on the activities, projects and events organized during the year by the organization. NGO Relations evaluates the Annual Review submissions and determines whether the organizations have fulfilled their association responsibilities. Learn more...

DPI/NGO Conference

DPINGO Conference

UN DPI/NGO Conference co-organized with NGO/DPI Executive Committee is the premier event in the NGO calendar. Attracting some 2,000 representatives from over 300 NGOs, each Conference focuses on a different UN topic of interest related to the work of civil society and NGOs. This international forum gathers UN System officials, prominent international NGOs, public opinion makers, members of academia and media to discuss issues of global concern. Learn more...


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