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UN Emblem

Use and display of the United Nations emblem is highly restricted and essentially limited to the activities of the United Nations. You may not use any trademark, official mark, official emblem, flag or logo of the United Nations, or any of its other means of promotion or publicity, to represent or imply an association or affiliation with the United Nations without the United Nation’s prior written consent.

If a Model UN wishes to obtain authorization to use the UN logo or the crossed olive branches for the specified duration of a Model UN conference, a written request to the Secretary of the United Nations Publications Board should be submitted. Use of the logo on a permanent basis will not be authorized.
All requests for the use of the UN logo should be sent to via email.

Background on the UN logo:



The current United Nations emblem was approved on 7 December 1946. The design is “a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centered on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree, in gold on a field of smoke-blue with all water areas in white. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles”.
Olive branches symbolize peace. The world map depicts the area of concern to the United Nations in achieving its main purpose, peace and security.
The use of the emblem is restricted, based on General Assembly resolution 92(I),1946,Regulations for the control and limitation of documents, and Use of the United Nations emblem on documents and publications.