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Further information

This sections provides links to other sources of information of use in preparing for a MUN conference.

You can also find links to video resources here. 

UN at a glance

The United Nations Charter: 

History of the UN Charter:

The Founding of the United Nations: A photographic exhibition to commemorate 60 years of the UN Charter:

Milestones in United Nations History, Selected Chronology: 

Text of Declaration of St. James Palace:

Text of the Atlantic Charter:

Text of Declaration by the United Nations (1 January 1942): 

Text of the Moscow Conference, October 1943: 

Text of the Teheran Conference, December 1943:

Text of Dumbarton Oaks Conference, October 1944:

Text of Yalta Conference, February 1945:

United Nations Photo:


UN General Assembly

Current session of the General Assembly

General Assembly resolutions

General Assembly Rules of Procedure

The PGA Handbook: A practical guide to the United Nations General Assembly

Dag Hammarskjöld Library Research Guide

Different Phases in Implementing Main Committee Workplans: A presentation for MUN New York Workshop 2013


UN Security Council

Overview of the Security Council

Security Council resolutions

Provisional Rules of Procedure

Security Council Working Methods Handbook

Introduction to the Work of the Security Council: A presentation for MUN New York Workshop 2013


UN Documents

Overview of UN Documents:

How to find UN Documents:

UN Document Symbols:

Tools and Resources for Accessing UN documents: A presentation for MUN New York Workshop 2013


Other Online Resources

UN Bibliographic Information System (UNBISNET):

Official Document System (ODS): (complex search screen) or (Google search)

UN Member States on the Record:<

Press Releases:

Daily Journal:

UN Terminology database (UNTERM):

UN-I-Que database:


Additional Resources

The UN Yearbook:

Human Resources_Part 1: A presentation for MUN New York Workshop 2013

Human Resources_Part 2: A presentation for MUN New York Workshop 2013


UN Apps

Complete list at

Language app: UNEPDApp