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A pregnant woman from Mali, seeking asylum, awaits processing so she can move to a refugee camp.​

Photography 4 Humanity

This exhibit represents the work of the top finalists of the 2019 Photography 4 Humanity Global Competition, part of a global initiative that inspires and empowers photographers around the world to document human rights abuses and triumphs in support of United Nations Human Rights.   

The exhibition is organized by David Clark Cause and endorsed by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

On display 9 December – 8 January 2020




Palestinian flag

Palestine: The Most Universal of National Causes

This exhibit, through the words of public personalities, explores the roots and depth of international solidarity with the Palestinian people. The exhibit also honours the millions of individuals from all walks of life who have found multitudes of ways to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause, sometimes at the expense of their lives. 

The exhibition is organized by Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations in cooperation with the Division for Palestinian Affairs.

On display 21 November – 7 January 2020





The Un building

UN Headquarters: A Workshop for Peace

The exhibition features archival images of the planning and building of UNHQ between 1949 and 1952 and photos of the recently renovated compound.

The exhibition is organized by the UN Department of Public Information in collaboration with the Mission of Italy to the United Nations.




Local residents look on as Austrian Nazis force Jews to scrub the pavement following the German annexation of Austria

Some Were Neighbours: Choice, Human Behaviour, and the Holocaust

This exhibit examines the role of ordinary people in the Holocaust and the variety of motives and pressures that influenced individual choices to act. The exhibit also looks at individuals who did not give in to the opportunities and temptations to betray their fellow human beings, reminding us that there is an alternative to complicity in evil acts—even in extraordinary times.

The exhibition is organized by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

On display 16 January – 23 February 2020

De Jong organizing and cataloguing documents at the State Institute for War Documentation in Amsterdam, 1950.​

Crimes Uncovered: The First Generation of Holocaust Researchers

This exhibition presents the real-life stories of a number of Jewish historians and academics who resisted the Germans and their collaborators by documenting events and safeguarding evidence of the actions taken against the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

The exhibition is organized by the the Memorial and Educational Site House of the Wannsee-Conference.

On display 17 January – 25 February 2020

Jewish women and children selected for death wait to be taken to the gas chambers.

Seeing Auschwitz

The primary focus of this exhibit is on archival images of Auschwitz, what they reveal about their creators’ perspectives, and how this can influence how we “imagine” and understand Auschwitz today. Through the photos, visitors will explore different ways of “Seeing Auschwitz,” revealing myriad perspectives and multi-dimensional ways of thinking about the space, its history, and meaning-making today.

The exhibition is organized by Musealia and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

On display 18 January – 24 February 2020