Exhibit Proposal Guidelines

Informative Exhibitions

Exhibitions presented in public spaces (Visitors’ Lobby) at UNHQ in New York feature photographic and multimedia displays on important, current topics on the UN agenda, such as human rights, sustainable development, climate change, children in armed conflict, violence against women, and more. Exhibits - thematic, informative and educational - need to include works by more than one artist and focus on more than one country. In addition to captions, they include text panels providing background information on the topic as well as facts/data worldwide on the topic. Because the Visitors’ Lobby is not a museum, art exhibits are not allowed. However, art pieces that illustrate a UN related theme in a manner that is clear and understandable can be displayed along with informative text.

What do I need to know before submitting an Exhibit proposal?

  • Proposals for exhibits in the UN Visitors’ Lobby:
    • must be in line with the Guidelines
    • require approval by the United Nations Exhibits Committee
    • must be submitted at least six months before proposed display
    • are approved (or denied) within 3-4 weeks after a complete proposal is received
  • Exhibitors pay all costs

How do I submit an Exhibit proposal?

  1. Choose a current, specific theme on the UN agenda for your proposal (for example, sustainable development or violence against women)
  2. Find a relevant UN agency to endorse the content your exhibit (for example, UNESCO for an exhibit on education)
  3. Submit the Application Form and the complete portfolio portfolio

Submission checklist

Need more information?

Contact Exhibits Committee Secretariat email:  exhibitscommittee@un.org