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CCOI acts as a liaison between the UN and studios, producers, directors, writers and other content creators. We can assist you by:

  • Facilitating filming at UN locations
  • Acting as a clearinghouse for legal issues, including use of the UN name and emblem
  • Providing access to UN experts on global issues – including peace and security, human rights, the environment, gender equality and development
  • Facilitating access to the extensive collection of UN archival film and photos
  • Advising on script authenticity as it pertains to the work of the UN and its issues
  • Assisting with research on UN issues and storylines

On Location

CCOI can assist storytellers in gaining access to the Organization’s various sites around the world.



Support with UN-related research, editorial advice and archival access.


Access to UN stories and its people on the frontlines.

Outreach Events

Connecting UN experts and issues to the entertainment industry.