Annual Review

Deadline is 13 January 2017 

Every year, we evaluate DPI-Associated NGOs to determine if they have fulfilled their association responsibilities and to update our records.

The Annual Review form – allows each NGO to (re)designate up to six representatives, and to report on their most recent activities and public information programmes. We use this to update our database of all DPI-associated NGOs – a great resource for connecting those that share a common purpose.

This exercise will enable us to learn:

  • how NGOs are communicating and about which issues
  • in which languages
  • to audiences of what size
  • using what platforms/methods
  • in which locations

How do I submit the Annual Review?

  1. Log into the new platform, temporarily hosted in the UN DHL website at:
  2. Once you log in, you will be automatically redirected to the 2016 Annual Review Questionnaire.

Any questions? Contact us at undpingo(at)un(dot)org.

When can I submit the Annual Review?

The 2016 Annual Review exercise opened on 1 December 2016 and will close on 13 January 2017.

What happens after we submit our Annual Review?

We review and evaluate it and send you the results by e-mail by within two to three weeks from the date that you submitted it to us. If you meet the criteria, we will:

  • send instructions on how your representatives can retrieve their UN grounds passes
  • add your information to our DPI-associated NGO database, which can be accessed from our DPI/NGO Resource Center.
  • create the yearly mailing list with your contact information. We keep this encrypted and do not share it with third parties.

What if my organization does not meet the required criteria?

If your submission doesn’t meet the criteria because the evaluation determines that your organization did not actively participate in our briefings/workshops, or develop enough projects and activities with UN agencies or programmes, as well as DPI, your submission will be negatively evaluated and no grounds passes will be issued for that year. The NGO, however, will remain in good standing and the e-mail addresses of the designated representatives will be included in the mailing list.

How will you use our information?

See above answer to ‘What happens after we submit our Annual Review?’

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