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Thursday Briefings

To help the world, you need to know about the world. Learn from panel discussions with experts and/or those who benefit from the work of NGOs and the United Nations, watch film screenings and keep up-to-date on United Nations priorities and mandates!

Spring 2015 Calendar

23 June 2015

End of Season: Town Hall Meeting This briefing was a summary of the Winter/Spring Season, as well as a look into what is to come in the future from DPI/NGO Relations. The session also provided an opportunity for NGO representatives and other attendees to directly engage with DPI/NGO Relations Staff and the NGO/DPI Executive Committee, in… Read more about End of Season

15 May 2015

2015 DPI/NGO Orientation Day On 21 May NGO Relations of DPI convoked the Annual Orientation Programme for newly associated NGOs. The Orientation Programme has been a mainstay of the DPI/NGO services provided to NGOs for many years. It is targeted for newly associated NGOs  as well as new NGO representatives and serves as a refresher… Read more about DPI/NGO Orientation

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8 May 2015

Future Psychologists: Impacting the Sustainable Development Goals and Global Issues In partnership with the American Psychological Association WEBCAST This NGO-led Briefing, organized in partnership with the American Psychological Association (APA), featured a panel of APA interns and graduate students each studying different sections of the field of psychology. Their presentations focused on specific aspects of… Read more about Future Psychologists