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Thursday Briefings

To help the world, you need to know about the world. Learn from panel discussions with experts and/or those who benefit from the work of NGOs and the United Nations, watch film screenings and keep up-to-date on United Nations priorities and mandates!

Fall 2015 Calendar

16 November 2015

 Human Trafficking through the Lens of Civil Society: Awareness, Advocacy, Action Human Trafficking through the Lens of Civil Society: Awareness, Advocacy, and Action was a powerful briefing that aimed to resonate with the audience long after they left the conference room. Moderator, Maher Nasser, Director of the Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information… Read more about Human Trafficking

Members of the UNMISS Chinese Battalion (ChnBatt) perform a kung fu demonstration in Protection of Civilians site 3 in Juba, and donate balls to be used at the sporting ground.  The demo was envisioned as an effort to strengthen ties with those living in the POC site as well as to enhance confidence in peace, and was prompted by the occasion of Chinese National Day (1 October) and the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.
5 November 2015

YOUTH AT THE FOREFRONT Bridging the Gap Between Climate Change and Climate Action   The fourth youth-led briefing entitled Youth at the Forefront: Bridging the Gap between Climate Change and Climate Action presented the fundamental role that youth play in understanding climate change from an activism perspective. The Briefing not only aimed at raising awareness… Read more about Youth-Led Briefing

4 November 2015

Art as a Tool for Conflict Prevention and Reconciliation As the audience gathered for the 5 November briefing, Art as a Tool for Conflict Prevention and Reconciliation, they were greeted by an eclectic panel. An actress, a digital coordinator, a mosaic artist, a filmmaker, and a curator represented artistic creativity in its many forms, yet… Read more about Art and Conflict